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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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more significant rain its through carroll. the main round of rain will come in later tonight. big warm front. 60s to the south. we warm up through the night pushing toward 60 at daybreak e we look for this mainline of rain. maybe storms. more on that coming up. source west pushing toward the city, again more details uming up. >> new tonight we had a scary afternoon inside the giant here on york road near the city count i line. investigators say around 2:30 a guy walked up to the counter at the pnc bank inside the giants and passed a note, he made off with cash and police are working leads to try to find him. new, take a look at this guy. this is gregory, he was shot back on january the 6 president after a robbery in the 8,000
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block in laurel. his family hopes you know something to find who killed this man. submit an anonymous tip to crime stoppers to be eligible for a 10,000-dollar rewarm the number to call right there on the screen. today as jeff reports the county's top jailer called on community leaders for help in reversing a trend. >> reporter: from computer locks to reinforced locks with razor wire the detention center has all of the state-of-the-art systems for keeping inmates locked um but the sheriff said the problem is in what happens to them once they get out. >> i see that it's a
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reinvolving door. we are warehousing inmates and turning them back out on the street with few services. >> reporter: the rate here stands at 60%. that means six out of ten released will be back here, many of them with in six months. on this day the sheriff is brought judges and prosecutors as well as the top service providers together to find a way to fix the broken lives, the drive up costs throughout the legal system. >> you see the courts and the prosecutors, the defense counsel, all see them here. it's a new charge or a violation of probation. it's more investigative money to, new victims, everybody has a stake. >> reporter: more than a quarter of the yearly budget is spent on locking people up.
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it costs about $86 for each inmate each day. the detention center just got a 29 million-dollar expansion but it's projected it'll reach capacity by the end of the decade. >> 2020 we can no longer expand on that site. we cannot build anymore on that site when 2020 arrives. that means who would like to have the next jail in their backyard? >> reporter: hartford county, abc 2news. >> many of the inmates have addictions or are homeless and they can't get jobs with the criminal records. he said there are a growing number of veteran who have come home that are acting out from ptsd. 23 you are sick you take
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your medicine to make you feel better. what happen when is the medicine isn't available? we are in a scary time. not just here but across the land. roosevelt tells you about this medicine shortage. >> reporter: drug makers are siting many different reasons for the shortages and some of the most popular trucks you can get at the pharmacist of the president supplies aren't there. it's disappointing especially to pomp who have devoted their lives to making others feel better. how do you tell someone that the only thing they need is not available? it's a hard thing but it's happening more and more. a lot of drug that were available a few years ago are now in short supply or not available. drug names have you heard for years. >> we never know when the next shortage will happen. we get no notice that medicines will be many short supply.
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no advance warning. >> reporter: david said aderol is an example. it's hard to find and when it is what used to be a 17-dollar bottle is now more than a hundred and the brand name is more than three times its cost. the drugs at the pharmacy aren't the only ones in short supplyn. addition to that the cancer drugs, va lum and others used by hospitals in short supply. in all more than 200 needed for everything from cancer to rashes in short supply or discontinued. companies siting production problems and raw material shortages for some of the problems but when you have been a pharmacist as long as david it's coming down to be able to help people and if supplies are
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short he said it can be disheartening. >> very frustrating when you though your customers and you know maybe you have a child that's not in good shape and you know they can't get their medicine. how would we like to feel when we can't get medicine to keep from you being in pain. >> reporter: to give you an example they have been running the pharmacy since the late 50s and say popular drugs have had shortages before but this is the worst they have seen in 60 years. the president issued an order in october for the fda to step up its investigation about drug shortages to try to work with companies to get supplies back up. >> all right the man at the center of a breast implant scandal arrested in france. he was an implant maker and is
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now linked to manslaughter. 3,000 complaints have come in from family across the world. one family that is suing said their sister died of can cancer after getting a suspect implant. they have been removed because of fears they could rupture and leak silicone in to the body. we were first on the story and tonight have a update onto bus called double happiness. the fans want a cease could that means they can't be out on the road, can't sell tickets but last month we reported on the company being told to stop because of safety violations but with our own camera we saw them still running. it took a month for the feds to slap a tougher order on them, they were picking you up in baltimore and taking you to new york. the map accused of trying to blow up an armed forces recruiting station plead
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guilty. the 22-year-old antonio martinez raised the subject of attacking military target was an fbi agent in october 2010. he spoke about his anger toward america and felled muslims were being unfairly targeted in november of 2010 he tried to set off what was a fake bomb. if the court takes the plea deal he will be sentenced to 25 years in prison. today john's hopkins revealed it's two new patient towers this are high. they will be more patient focus, featuring a basketball court for kids and sleep over couches for family members. all five-years of construction the -- the towers will officially open on april the 29th. two towers would put a large portion of the campus. let's looka your money. the number of people filing for unemployment is up. 377,000 people filed for first
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time jobless benefits last week. it comes after we saw a big drop earlier this movement economists say the slight bump isn't necessarily a bad sign for the market but they expect to see claims go up after they drop so significantly the week before. the overall trend continues to show that the job market is improving but still millions and millions of people are out of work. >> you want to buy an app? the governor has a plan to tax,e books and apps. it would require retailer that sale online to collect a sales tax if they do more than $10,000 in business over the year. >> records store. i would pay a tax on d if i down load i don't mind. >> reasonable, doesn't seem like something that you should
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be suggesting to right now. >> reporter: maryland would join 24 other states and dc. >> don't think you can run a woman over when you are trying to sell her one. women aren't lost when it comes to buyinga any car. a survey finds women are more likely than men to ask the tough questions. women also ask different questions than men, women are more likely to ask about a vehicle's crash history, safety and overall performance. guys try to tend more on looks, technology, driving engine performance. there is a wild celebration going on tonight and i think you will believe that it is rightly so after a daring raid here in somalia with two former captains finally reunited with their families. he said it's all blown out of porportion. she said he pulled her pants
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down. he is the principal. whatever happened to tag or you are it. dodgeball. we will take you to a playground where recess they are playing the [inaudible] game.
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. the latest on the bare foot bandit. lawyers are now fighting against the allegation he isn't sorry for his crime spree. he seems remorseful but newly found e-mails and recorded phone calls prison where he calls everybody swiner swine. the judge believe he was remorseful him good afternoon years but the victims warned the judge. >> lot of us had bad childhoods and we didn't turn into criminals. >> the feds released the e- mails to try to keep him locked up. no the family and friends of
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jessica are celebrating now that the 32-year-old is safe at the united states naval base. they arrived at the base in cecily. seal team six orchestrated the daring rescue. >> she said i feel safe for the first time in days. >> they are going through a program to help reintegrate. >> now the most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> take a check on the weather. we have rain coming down, mainly north of the city.
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this is up through the county. there will be -- really light to moderate showers as we look at this radar. you can see just a click burst here. in behind this particular little cluster of rain there isn't much to the immediate west, dryer weather in northern virginia now. we will see a brief reprieve before we get the main rain round in. breeze out of the east- northeast. we have senate winds turning south and those south wind wills kick in across the area as we go into the rest of the evening. 48, want to show you the brand new camera. our view at the bay bridge looking west and as we put this this nah motion there wasn't a lot of sun to be found.
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so, just a little foggy, misty and rainy, do drive with caution. show you the other view. now looking east from annapolis and not much different here of course. calm day on the severn river. rain calming down in everett. the better chance coming toward daybreak tomorrow. temperatures warming up. warm air out of the south. that will push us up through the 50s overnight. a strange january night where we will see temperatures rising into the night. there are reduce visibilities to the west. hagerstown, fog out into western maryland. less than a nile there. winds steady from the east at the moment but turning south as we go overnight and you can almost make out that warm frontal boundary pushing that rain just north of us, up into the great state of pennsylvania. as we look at the trend here across the east coast, again it'll be that quiet batch of weather behind this round of
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rain, then this the mainline that will come in as we go into the early morning hours tomorrow arriving the main storm center that. will produce fairly heavy downpours as we push toward dawn. let's talk about timing. 2:00 a.m. maybe some showers, maybe a thunderstorm. then as we roll forward you can see that more significant round of rain toward six, seven in the morning, could be a wet drive. temperatures climbing, chance of rain going up. we go to 58, tomorrow night we clear it out and cool it down. a little windy, cold and dry tomorrow night. the seven day forecast shows basically we will clear it out for this last weekend of january, 2012. not bad here. little cooler sunday into monday. you know 52 on saturday. early tomorrow morning we will get to 60 but temperatures start to fall tomorrow night. this is not a bad way to wrap up january. >> no.
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>> it was this day one year ago when everybody was getting stuck driving home in that freak afternoon snowstorm. >> people are still getting home from being stuck out there. still a long wait a minute away. they said come on out. 50, 60 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night on 2020 what a story this is going to be. called taken. 12 hours of terror caught on tape. nancy's ex-husband seemed like the answer to a prayer. she was set up on a blind date with the television producer, married after a year and a half of dating but she as she started to see a darker side. >> when do you notice the change? >> things were okay for the first couple years as the relationship went on he became much more controlling. my ex-husband just snapped. >> that ends that tease. you can find out what happened
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to her tomorrow night here on abc2 at 10:00. before the state taxes us on our apps make sure you pick up the oscar app. you will get a live look at the red carpet when you want to, see cameras throughout the kodak theater, even in the governor's ball. they have set up a thank you camera, a control camera and a press room camera. it's oscars app and it's on i- tunes and it's free. the awards air sunday here on abc2, february the 26th. that's's the sunday. did you have a hard day at work? you feel like your blood is boiling? we are tell you about a study that if you drink three cups of black tea a day you can lower your blood pressure. if you work longer than eight hours a day you are close to being depressed.
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. working longer hours may mean a bigger paycheck but that extra time, can make you depressed. brit itch study found people working 11 hours a day have a two and and a half hours better chance of being depressed. it was there even after researchers looked at other factors like job stress and drinking smoking. those in junior and midlevel positions were more likely to be depressed. you need to lower your blood pressure, drink black tea. people who drink three cups a day can lower their blood pressure. it's not a substitute for blood pressure medication but researchers say the findings show it could still provide a benefit. knee pain, can be a real
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common complaint, nearly two thirds of women 50 and older have a degree of knee pain and it may come or go or stick around and arthritis is often to blame. >> specifically when women go through menopause we think estrogen helps protect the knee. >> but sometimes it's over use. you have to see a doctor to start determining the cause and need to see a specialist and discuss options with them. don't forget to exercise. exercise that can strengthen the muscles around the knee and you need pt but weight is also a leading cause of knee pain. thousands packed the penn state arena to say good-bye and pay respects to joe paterno.
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tonight we find out how many former players and students remembering him tonight. and remember playing tag at recess? now there is a new game and it's sparking controversy in one direct. and hard for women to give up their jimmy chews but you may want to think twice before you put on the heels.
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. now abc 2news at a30. >> let's get you caught up on the new headlines. some of the most popular drugs in hospitals in short supply. they include cancer drug. companies blame shortages in raw materials and things so bad the president issued an order back in october for the fda to step it up with its investigation into the
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shortages and to work to build up supplies back up and in our arms. the sheriff's department held a reentry summit detailing a program designed to keep criminals from commits more crimes after getting out of custody. they are putting resources in place to help transition back in to the community. they say without the program they will likely need a new detention center. and soon you may get taxed for apps. the governor is back a bill that would tax the sale of digital music app s and e books, it would close the amazon tax loophole requiring retailers to collect a sales tax for online sale itself they do more than $10,000 a year in business. its going to be 60 tomorrow. after the morning rain, get out there and enjoyt. i want to see everybody outside walking their dogs, see


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